Welcome to the FickstutenMarkt (Horse Fair)!

IMPORTANT: Because of the German regulations on the protection of youth, which we would rather not comment, this website contains ONLY dates of the FickstutenMarkt (Horse Fares).

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FickstutenMarkt (Horse Fair) Dates:

Datum/Zeit Veranstaltung
17:30 - 23:45
142nd FickstutenMarkt in BERLIN
KitKatClub (Dragon Floor), Berlin
17:30 - 23:55
65th FickstutenMarkt in HAMBURG
S.L.U.T. Club, Hamburg
17:30 - 23:45
143rd FickstutenMarkt in BERLIN
KitKatClub (Dragon Floor), Berlin
17:30 - 23:45
86th FickstutenMarkt in LEIPZIG
COCKS-Bar, Leipzig
17:30 - 23:45
35th FickstutenMarkt in AMSTERDAM
EAGLE Amsterdam, Amsterdam
17:30 - 23:45
61st FickstutenMarkt in MANNHEIM
Jail’s (MS Connexion), Mannheim